the big maneuver

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The Big Maneuver

Every single feeling coming from being sad to anticipated raced through my head like a nascar. I had been getting ready to move in a couple months to Las Vegas, Nevasca. A trip that consisted of being away from home 2, 000 kilometers plus and counting. Thoughts of saying goodbye to everybody and packing just made it worse. Months went to days and nights in a matter of seconds, that felt like. Initially, I was to make sure I had enough credits to walk that stage with all the diploma I had been working for intended for 12 years. Institution was constantly a hassle to me but I knew I was inside the clear as senior season was a air flow because of a couple of academic and 4 electives. Next was your aggravating packaging stage, packed my stuff and packed my small car with clothes and memories. Finally after every thing I awoke on 06 9th, received dressed and walked straight down stairs. Many of us gathered outside to say each of our good byes, hugged my friend, both sisters, and patted my dogs head for the last time. Going out of the driveway everyone a new tear in their eye and it was only a sad environment. I don't think my mind and my booty were in fact ready for the 30 hour plus trip. I thought regarding going though all the states… Indiana, New jersey, Nebraska, The state of colorado, Utah, and then arriving in Nevada. Me was about to blow up trying to comprehend all that and that we just kept the house. Indianapolis and Illinois were up first, me and my dad took turns driving every fill up we all did. For least American indian and The state of illinois felt like The state of michigan in some weird way, merely being that close to Michigan basically made me feel as if I was continue to at home. Iowa and Nebraska were up next and enable me simply say these states happen to be by far the most boring. All you find are streets, open freeway, trees, farmland, and deer. The only positive thing...



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