Romeo and Juliet Balcony Essay

A Tragic Account of Two Lovebirds

William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is a well-known and phenomenal play of tragedy. The reason behind its celebrity is that it is not only just dreadful, but additionally there is a romantic element as well. The play is defined in Verona, Italy throughout the Elizabethan Age with two young and harmless lovers, Romeo and Juliet, from different wealthy family members, Montague and Capulet. Yet , these two households share a hostile bond with each other which goes deep in Verona's background. In one of the functions there is the popular " balcony scene” which in turn takes place at nighttime with Juliet on her balcony and Romeo down by her dad's orchard. This kind of scene outshines the rest as this is wherever Romeo and Juliet exchange their promises of immortal love. Throughout the balcony landscape, Shakespeare uses personification, metaphor, and simile to help convey Romeo and Juliet's deep affection for just one another. Whilst Juliet confesses her exclusive thoughts by itself, Romeo explains her gorgeous beauty fantastic feelings of love through representation. As Romeo gazes at her, this individual describes that her face " might shame these / stars” (2. installment payments on your 19-20). Her looks produce a special radiance that makes him say her cheeks outshine the eternal light given from the stars. By using superstars, her beauty gives him hope, light, and a feeling of goodness in his living. This shows that her lighting gives a specific direction leading his lifestyle in a confident way. Then, Romeo states that " stony limits” will not prevent his like because " what like can do, that dares love attempt” (2. 2 . 72. 73). Since Romeo is in his lover's and foe's property, he would not mind risking his life for her. His action is what a true fan does since an ordinary stranger or friend never bothers doing it. In the event that his emotions are a physical object, it can be so good that not actually hard natural stone can stop it. Shakespeare's personification help show that Romeo's love is genuine, which indicates Juliet is the one for him.

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