Diary of Sugar Plantation Owner

Sweets Plantation

Steve Barrett, an 18th-century planting owner in Trelawny, Discovery bay, jamaica. February 16, 1782

The slaves are very busy as we are at the peak of the plants season. Overdue last year, the former owner would some restoration to the several factory properties including the boiling house, the distillery, the curing property and the rubbish house. These types of various properties play an important role inside the manufacturing procedure for sweets. The hot house is very important as this is where sugar cane juice was boiled. The trash property is the place that the crushed cane stalks happen to be dried to burn in the furnace. The distillery/still home is also crucial as this is where rum is produced. February dua puluh enam, 1782

Sweets cane fostering is split up into two conditions - the dead time and the harvest season. The dead period was among August to November of each year. Through this period slaves would do the holing, manuring, ratooning and weeding of older ratoons. As well, there is the construction of buildings, timber-cutting, road fix and any odd careers until the plants was prepared. The plant season was between November and September. This was the busiest and most important period on the plantation calendar. It would begin with cane-cutting and continue with the making of the sugar cane. March 20, 1782

The season is certainly going very well nevertheless the manufacturing process is quite a time-consuming one particular. It begins with the walking cane being provided for the mill where it is crushed and the juice extracted and the rubbish sent to the trash home. The walking cane juice can then be sent to the boiling home where it really is passed through a number of boilers. The cane juice is taken from the cistern, strained and put in the 1st copper pot, which is the greatest. The juice is then warmed and just a little lime is added to the mixture to eliminate impurities. The juice can then be skimmed and channelled throughout the other copper kettles, each smaller and hotter than the previous. The final kettle is referred to as the teache. It is in that case put into air conditioning troughs...



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