Prerequisites Worksheet for

MS in Used Statistics (code MATHMS05)

Please indicate at risk beneath each course the course or perhaps courses out of your transcript that you just feel are equivalent to each prerequisite. You need not have pleased all requirements in order to be publicly stated conditionally as being a graduate scholar. If conditionally admitted, you may clear up a single course insufficiency (specifically STAT 381) if you take the necessary program at CSULB; this course will never count included in the 30 devices required for the MS level. If you have to consider more than you prerequisite program, you can take these people through what is called open up university in CSULB (or another campus) and then apply when you are ready.

1 . MATH 122, 123, 224. Calculus 1, 2, and 3.

Calc one particular Course: _______________Where taken: ____________________ Grade: _______ Calc two Course: _______________Where taken: ____________________ Grade: _______ Calc several Course: _______________Where taken: ____________________ Grade: _______

2 . MATHEMATICS 247. Introduction to Linear Algebra.

Prerequisites: Requirement or corequisite: MATH 224 (Calculus 3). Matrix algebra, solution of systems of equations, determinants, vector places including function spaces, interior product places, linear changes, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, quadratic varieties and applications. Emphasis on computational methods.

Study course: __________________Where used: ____________________ Quality: _______

three or more. MATH/STAT 380. Probability and Statistics (Calculus based) Prerequisites: MATH 222 or 224. Frequency model of probability. Axioms of probability theory. Discrete possibility and combinatorics. Random parameters. Distribution and density capabilities. Moment producing functions and moments. Sample theory and limit theorems.

Course: __________________Where taken: ____________________ Grade: _______

4. STAT 381. Statistical Statistics (Calculus based)

Requirements: MATH 247 and 380. Estimation and hypothesis assessment. Maximum likelihood and approach...



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