Civil Battle Diary of Cyrus Farrenheit. Boyd

The Civil Warfare had a huge affect about all of the Says. It altered men via gentlemen that went to cathedral every On the and never cussed to people whom rarely attended church and cussed constantly. Some of the people inside the war were also very corrupt and did not do things as they should be done. The way in which that the opponent was checked out was also changed. Most of these things were talked about in " The Civil Warfare Diary of Cyrus Farrenheit. Boyd". Boyd talks about how everyone was incredibly eager to offer to join the military to acquire fun and to create some money and it appeared to be very easy as the war was expected to be very brief. Things began to look a bit different even when, the volunteers got to the first destination to be sworn into obligation. They started to wonder why they were being sworn directly into service for 3 years whenever they all thought the warfare was going to become very brief. Boyd and the rest of these people figured which the government need to know something much more than everyone else is aware of. Even through the beginning of the services the conditions pertaining to the assistance did not appear as good as they'd expected, plus the officer acquired seen that the volunteers started having second guesses about doing it so they put all of them into more comfortable quarters to hold them coming from going residence. During the warfare most of the time the conditions were unpleasant. There were various problems with the soldiers through the war. A large number of died coming from being injured, being taken, and the worst of all was the disease. Situations were thus horrible that lots of men could not get enough sleep and even when they do get rest they were sleeping in the rainfall or in the snow. Prior to war Boyd went to house of worship all the time and thought that Sundays should be a time to relax. Having been a very wonderful man that was kind to others and did not utilized bad dialect. When he went into the armed service he brought up how they did not do religious things at all times and that they don't even have a preacher every Sunday and the most of the time they did not even...



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