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Discuss the two basic " media access control” options for shared media used in the TCP/IP suite. ANSWER:

In the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model of communication, the Media Access Control level is one of two sub levels of the Data Link Control layer and is concerned with sharing the physical connection to the network amongst several computers. Each laptop has its own one of a kind MAC talk about. Ethernet is usually an example of a protocol that works at the Press Access Control layer level. There are two basic mass media access control methods for distributed media: 1 . Controlled gain access to method.

installment payments on your Contention centered access approach.

Controlled accessed method:

When using the controlled gain access to method, network devices have turns, in sequence, to access the medium. This method is also generally known as scheduled gain access to or deterministic. If a unit does not need to get the medium, the opportunity to utilize the medium goes by to the next unit in line. Once one gadget places a frame on the media, no other unit can do this until the body has arrived at the destination and has been refined by the destination. Although handled access is well-ordered and supplies predictable throughput, deterministic methods can be bad because a device has to wait for its change before it could use the moderate. Connection centered access method:

Also referred to as non-deterministic, contention-based methods allow virtually any device to try to access the medium anytime it has info to send. To avoid complete damage on the multimedia, these strategies use a Jar Sense Multiple Access (CSMA) process to first detect if the multimedia is having a signal. When a carrier sign on the multimedia from one more node can be detected, it means that another device is usually transmitting. When the device attempting to transmit views that the multimedia is busy, it will wait and try again after a short time period. If zero carrier signal is recognized, the device transmits its data. Ethernet and wireless networks use contention-based media get control.


Discuss the five data types found in the different levels of the OSI network unit. Show the encapsulation and de-capsulation technique used among the list of different levels. ANSWER:

Application Layer�

This top layer specifies the language and syntax that programs use for communicate with different Programs. The application layer signifies the purpose of communicating in the first place. For example , a program within a client workstation uses orders to demand data by a program in the server. Prevalent functions only at that layer happen to be opening, concluding, reading and writing data files, transferring data and electronic mails, executing remote jobs and obtaining index information about network resources.

Presentation Layer�

When data are transmitted between different types of computer systems, the presentation layer Negotiates and manages how data are represented and encoded. For instance , it provides a prevalent denominator among ASCII and EBCDIC devices as well as between different floating point and binary formats. Two protocols used for this kind of purpose. This kind of layer is also used for security and decryption.

Session Layer

Provides coordination with the communications within an orderly manner. It establishes one way or two way communications and handles the discussion between each party for example , ensuring the previous demand has been satisfied before the subsequent one is delivered. It also signifies significant parts of the sent data with checkpoints enabling fast recovery in the event of a connection failure.

Transport Layer�

This layer is in charge of overall end-to-end validity and integrity from the transmission. The reduced layers may well drop packets, but the transportation layer works a sequence review the data and ensures that if the 12MB document is delivered, the full 12MB is received. OSI transport...



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