Dershowitz's Principles in Twelve Angry Men

" Jurors, like most people, are not great at thinking statistically or probabilistically. They are much more comfortable thinking literarily, teleologically, carefully, narratively” (Dershowitz 104). Joe Dershowitz opposes juries that view existence as a narrative. But what if the jury can be part of a narrative? 12 Angry Men, a play by Reginald Rose, is extremely confusing in that the character types frequently utilize the ideas expressed in Dershowitz's essay, " Life is Not a Dramatic Narrative” and yet in several ways, the play itself comes after Chekhov's theory of narratives. Twelve Upset Men is surely a dramatic story in that every single action provides meaning in fact it is not difficult to predict the main conflicts and outcome in the play. Nevertheless , the men from this play argue with each other using the same logic expressed by Dershowitz. The storyline in 14 Angry Males focuses heavily on the statements made by Dershowitz but is actually more manufactured than realistic.

In Twelve Upset Men, a deliberating court must employ Dershowitz's concepts in order to identify the remorse of chasteness of a child being tried out for his father's homicide. Juror almost eight in the perform defends the boy in the same way that Abe defends Stalinsky in Dershowitz's essay. The boy from this play spent my youth in a difficult neighborhood and saw persons getting stabbed all the time. He had been in problems for stabbing someone recently and had simply no alibi to get the time from the murder. He had even experienced a battle with his daddy the day before his tough and had recently been heard screaming, " I'll kill you. ” The court in the perform responds to these facts just as the court does inside the Hamilton case; they immediately think he could be guilty which it didn't want to be a chance. However , Juror 8 deals with to show that non-e of people facts prove anything. A good amount of people increase up in poor and chaotic neighborhoods, and it doesn't make sure they are killers. He also is capable of prove that declaring " I'm going to kill you”...

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