Intermountain Healthcare Analysis

Circumstance Analysis: Intermountain Healthcare

Key Factors Behind the Success of Intermountain Health care

Intermountain Health-related (" Intermountain" or " IHC" ) is extensively regarded as a successful model of inexpensive, high quality delivery. The Midwest-based integrated delivery system accomplished this reputation by implementing an approach that emphasizes lowering healthcare costs through process-driven delivery top quality improvement. The three most important aspects of this approach happen to be: 1) major on reducing variation in key processes to enhance treatment quality; 2) a robust medical information management system which allowed measurement for improvement; and 3) a responsive supervision structure that effectively grabbed improvement opportunities. These elements have led to dramatic delivery cost cutbacks and medical outcomes that are the jealousy of various other healthcare systems in the U. S. Wayne and Savitz also remember that Intermountain have been able to line up financial bonuses in a way such that " physicians would not suffer financial injury for carrying out what was best for patients, " but the freelance writers provide couple of details on this accomplishment (in fact, they seem to reveal that this remains a struggle pertaining to the system when they discuss just how payment reductions offset functional cost savings).

After researching the results from an internal effort to assess clinical top quality, financial utilization, and clinic efficiency, the management staff decided to accept process management theory. The research revealed that there existed significant variation in physician techniques within the IHC system. Moreover, Intermountain's doctors discovered that diminishes in variation had been associated with huge declines in costs with out necessarily diminishing delivery quality. This revelation was like insights of W. Edwards Deming, the champion of process management theory, which will put forth that delivering quality consistently led to lower costs. The management crew incorporated them into...



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