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1 . Attention-Getter: I do think it is good for everybody to find out CPR. Is actually good for me, mainly because I get to live. -Jeff Wilson

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Knowing CPR is very important to me for a number of causes. It's not only significant because I am an Emergency Medical Specialist but since it has afflicted me during my personal life. Today, The fall of 11th may be the birthday of my Great aunt Jackie that passed away in 2006. The point of me getting this up is the method she died. She perished going into immediate cardiac arrest. Stroke is the sudden abrupt decrease of heart function ( We all don't know what caused her going into cardiac arrest but I am aware that is somebody was with her in the first 5 minutes of her going into cardiac arrest she might be with me today. When the ambulance got to my Aunt's residence she had not been breathing for about 15 minutes. The paramedics performed CPR but she was gone. The goal of me telling you this information today is essential to your lifestyle and the lives around you for instance a brother, mommy, cousin, daddy and even aunt. I wish I used to be with her in individuals vital seconds when the girl experienced stroke maybe I possibly could have kept her life.

a few. " Credentials" of Loudspeaker (Credibility):

I was trained in CPR and I am an Emergency Medical Specialist so I include a little experience with this skill. Furthermore, It is good to say a few personal experiences to go by as well as the research I use performed.

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Today, I are here to influence one to see the significance of CPR and take action and find out CPR not only for you and your own security but for the folks you are around.

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These are generally the things I would like to tell you about …1. What is CPR? 2 . Why is it Important? And how you can start learning CPR. Transition: Let's begin with the basics…. What is CPR anyway…. Here is a video...



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