Group Bimbo

1 . Regarding Grupo Floozy

Grupo Bimbo is the biggest Mexican food corporation as well as the largest bakery in the world with brands in Latin America, Europe, Chinese suppliers, United States, Canada and Malograr Rico. Colectividad Bimbo


E. U. A.

Latin America:





Costa Rica

El Nazareno









Republica Checa

It is one of the top bakers in the world too, with some 35% of its sales taking place outside of South america. Grupo Floozy produces bread, cookies, and tortillas under the Tia Insieme, Bimbo, Speculate, and Marinela brands. Playing also makes snack foods within the Barcel manufacturer and sweets under the Ricolino brand. Certainly not content with taking over the Latin American breads markets

2 . What is your location within your sector of activity (competitive environment)?

Today it is one of the important the baking companies in brand and trademark placing, sales, and production quantity around the world. The company is currently #5 among the major food companies in the world, only behind Unilever, Sara Lee, Kraft Food and NestlГ©. The company has plans to get the world's largest bread manufacturing 3. What kind of clients do you really address and what they expect of your business? The main clients of this brand are the big chains z supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores, some restaurants just like Burger King, Mc Donald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken breast, and Mexican institutes like DIF Institute of family members development and Bimbo has its own specific requirements to spread to each 1. 4. What make your products or services specific/attractive beat the competitor product?

Concerning this point is because this brand is actually taking care about its products, therefore it has one of the best team to do it, and also has the best individuals to do it, because the sellers plus the drivers from the distribute automobiles, are well allowed to in the best way their particular job. Quality and price: since the starting this...



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