household (outline)

Long Neck Women of Thailand

I. Introduction/Attention Getter

Could you imagine within the brass coil around the neck for your entire life? Limiting your movement, feeling uneasy, and creating a hard time attaining that itch?

II. Purpose Sentence

Today I'm going to let you know the lengthy neck ladies of Thailand and their exceptional neck bands that they have on.

III. Survey

Thailand has a much different traditions than we all do in America and most countries. Here in American we use jewelry; however , our jewellery are quite a lttle bit different in many different ways. And are allowed to take ours away with a little clip, rather than acquiring hours to wrap a coil around your neck for life. What a commitment.

IV. Physique

A. Lengthy Necks

a. What they are made from

b. At what age do they will start to wear the coil

B. Elongated neck

a. Despite the overall look the the neck and throat does not receive longer

n. Pushes straight down collarbone as well as rib parrot cage

C. Misconceptions

a. Females wear the neck bands because of tigers

b. Captivity

c. Beauty

V. Summary

Cultures are different, however , it truly is normal for the women of Thailand. I'm going to leave you with a quote Walter Lippmann when stated, " Culture may be the title for what people are interested in, their very own thoughts, their particular models, the books they read and the speeches they will hear, their table-talk, chat, controversies, historic sense and scientific teaching, the beliefs they love, the quality of existence they admire. All areas have a culture. It is the climate with their civilization. ”



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