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As I walk along Beach Street towards Central Police Station, I think of those unfortunate possibilities lifestyle can bring all of us. How everything can change and what we may learn from all of them. This case reveals us a good example. Officer Daniel Chua, Head of Drug Abuse and Inhalants Office, is around to reveal the reminiscence of his tragic past.

Two officers lead me for the Drug Abuse and Inhalants Workplace, where Let me meet not only Officer Daniel, but also his a large number of secrets and memories he will reveal in a few minutes. My heart can be palpitating avoid fear, good results . restless anticipations. I enter the office, my own footsteps tinkering on the tufted floor. Expert Daniel receives me warmly, although I will see that he can trying to avert his eye from mine.

Sipping his coffee, he enters into a tunnel of memories, and says slowly, " Almost everything changed after i was tough luck. I was trudging home from school in the rain, when a person came up to me which has a small packet and said to me, ‘Look'ee boy, I use this packet of candy, which Now i am selling for any dollar. Although I'll give it to you for any free trial. ' Then, this individual gave me call him by his name card and the packet and left. Small did I realize, at that time, i had made the biggest blunder of living and the small packet will change and destroy my personal future. ”

His eyebrows furrow up, his eyes demonstrating pure feel dissapointed and deep remorse. He licks his lips and continues, " I popped the ‘candies' in my mouth, overlooking the harrassing instinct that gifts coming from strangers is never accepted, aside from be ingested. Soon after, I actually felt and so ‘high' and felt like I had been invincible, invulnerable, like I really could do anything. It had been the best feeling I had at any time felt. In the morning, I appeared for the man and bought the ‘candies' from him. By now, I realised I was currently taking ‘Ecstasy'. Despite the fact that I knew that drug abuse was against the law, I was addicted and completely neglected my research to buy the drug. I had changed in that way. I was will no longer innocent. ”...



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