Discipleship: Jesus and Small Group Head

I believe that all of all of us would admit the main goal for little groups within a church is to make disciples.

If we aren't making disciples, then we may as well contact them sociable clubs. Problem then turns into – just what disciple? In the interest of this discussion, I am going to make use of the definition which a disciple is just someone who is taking their next procedure for be more just like Christ.

Ideal tough part is how to choose your groupings for effectiveness in discipleship-making. We can make it challenging and have the wrong assumptions about spiritual expansion. Here are 4 wrong assumptions that you can generate about discipleship in organizations:

1 . Everyone grows exact same pace.

The worst problem that we will make in chapels is trying to microwave the expansion process in our people. If we don't get results quickly, then simply we seem like we have failed as commanders. Lasting progress takes time and cannot be hurried.

2 . Everyone grows in a similar manner.

We are all wired differently while human beings, and so we have to anticipate that we will take different pathways toward the center. A great resource for this is The Myself I Want To Be by Steve Ortberg. We have to create diverse environments allowing different people to grow in different methods.

3. Only the small group head can disciple.

As long as you are one stage ahead, you can take someone else along on the quest. We have to change the mindset that only mature disciples are prepared to lead other folks. God can equip the willing.

4. There is a surface finish line to discipleship.

So long as we are during these earthly systems, we will be aiming to be more like Jesus. Many of us want a certificate on the wall membrane that says we have achieved the target, but as Paul says in Philippians 3: 13-14, " I do not really consider me personally yet to obtain taken your hands on it. Although one thing I do: Forgetting precisely what is behind and straining toward what is in advance, I press on toward the target to win the reward for which The almighty has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. "



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