Client Computers Chapters 9-12 Assignments and Answers

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Performing Computer software Installation with Group Plan

Key Terms

Give Option used to deploy necessary applications to pertinent users and personal computers.

Basic User Strategy for enforcing restrictions that prevents virtually any application from running that will need administrative legal rights, but permits programs to perform that only require resources which can be accessible simply by normal users.

certificate secret Software limit rule that uses the signing license of an application to allow application from a trusted source to run or to prevent software that will not come from a reliable source via running. License rules may also be used to operate programs in disallowed parts of the main system.

Disallowed Strategy for enforcing limitations that stops all applications from jogging except those that are particularly allowed.

circulation share Distributed folder that is a network position from which users can download software. Also referred to as the software syndication point.

file-activated installation Way of distributing applications whereby an application is installed when a consumer opens folders associated with a software that does not currently exist for the user's workstation.

hash Group of bytes which has a fixed duration that distinctly identifies a course or record.

hash algorithm Formula that generates a hash value.

hash secret Software limit rule put on an application executable that will check the file's hash value and prevent the application coming from running in the event the hash worth is incorrect.

hash worth Value made by a formula that makes it almost impossible for another software to have the same hash.

Install This Program At Log in Deployment alternative that allows the application form to be mounted immediately rather than advertised within the Start menu.

. msi record Relational database file that is certainly copied to the target personal computer with the software files this deploys. In addition to offering installation details, this database file facilitates in the self-healing process to get damaged applications and clean application removing.

network region rule Application restriction regulation that allows simply Windows Tech packages to become installed if perhaps they come by a trusted part of the network. patch files House windows Installer data with the. msp extension used to apply support packs and hotfixes to installed software.

path guideline Software limit rule that identifies software program by indicating the index path where the application can be stored in the file system.

Distribute Option utilized to deploy applications. It allows users to install the applications that they consider useful to them.

repackaging Technique of preparing application for. msi distribution, which include taking a snapshot of a clean computer system prior to the application can be installed, putting in the application while desired, and taking a snapshot of the computer after the software is mounted.

self-healing Function that allows software to identify and correct challenges, such as missing or deleted files.

application life pattern Process that takes place through the time an application is evaluated for application in an organization until the time when it is regarded old or any longer ideal for use.

Program Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Structured procedure used to develop information systems software, assignments, or pieces; phases consist of analysis, design, implementation, and maintenance.

Unhindered Strategy for improving restrictions that allows all applications to run apart from those that are specifically omitted.

. zap file Non–Windows Tech package that could be created within a text manager.

Knowledge Evaluation


Meet the following explanations with the ideal term.

a.. zap filef. Publish

m. Assigng. self-healing

c. Fundamental Userh. circulation share

deb. hashi.. msi file

electronic. path guideline...



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