Counselor Ethical Limitations and Practices

Counselor Moral Boundaries and Practices


Boundary Issues and Dual Relationships

Dual relationships plus the ethical behavior that involves boundaries with clients present a multitude of extremely complicated circumstances to advisors where a clearly defined course of action can be not always obvious. Aside from simply no accord between mental health professionals and boundary issues staying unavoidable sometimes, recognition and prediction of potential rewards or problems correlated with dual relationships can be troublesome as well (Remley & Herlihy, 2010). For most cases, it is best in the event that an outline can be used to detect when it is suitable for a counselor to infringement the client-counselor boundary.

In addition to the obvious dual-relationships to avoid including sexual or romantic engagement with a current client, I use learned that it is best to remain simple when outlining measures to consider when contemplating getting into a dual relationship. Avoid all types of dual-relationships within at least five years of the client-counselor relationship unless the benefits may outweigh the harmful scenarios to the client all in a nonexploitive way. Additionally , it should be a situation when the expected final result or concerns associated with that outcome are largely clear. Within the ACA's Code of Ethics Section A. a few. d. that states, " …the counselor must doc in case information, prior to the discussion (when feasible), the rationale pertaining to such an discussion, the potential profit, and predicted consequences to get the client or former client and other individuals significantly associated with the client or former client. Such connections should be initiated with ideal client permission. ” (Remley & Herlihy, 2010, s. 389). The outline I recommend, although simple, still contains the moral behavior by which the American Counseling Relationship expects advisors to act once faced with a choice about if to...

References: Remley, Jr., T. L., & Herlihy, B. (2010). Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues in Counseling (3rd ed. ). [Adobe Digital Versions version].



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