Concept of Destiny

Concept of Destiny:

Today in the 21st century the concept of fate is still found in many different religions. One particular religious beliefs is Christianity. Christians believe that their a lot more already predetermined for them the afternoon they are given birth to. Christian features Heaven and Hell, and also to avoid likely to Hell, you need to follow the 10 Commandments and believe in the word of Our god. Many people destiny can be discovered based on all their circumstances, and past concerns.


Gender is 1 major philosophical stereotype that may be still significant because contemporary society still look at man provides being the forerunner and women being in back of the men. In Oedipus the King, Oedipus was the ruler of the town Thebes, and was committed to Jocasta, who was respectable by Oedipus and his people. Even though Oedipus gave Jocasta power to perform certain points, she was required to first inquire Oedipus to grant her the power to complete something because during Ancient greek language time, girls were not allowed to be seen since the physique or leader of whatever. Many women in today's society over come the have difficulties of being seen as a housewife and never able to get an education. Yet after, every one of the changes females went through; ladies are still becoming seen as certainly not emotional steady to hold a powerful position. For instance , during the 2008 election, Hilary Clinton ran for chief executive, but was told she would be unable to handle each of the stress and pressure that she would face if identified as another president. One more philosophical belief is age group because women are viewed at totally different to what would be the norm men when it comes to relationship and marriage. In Oedipus the king, Oedipus marries Jocasta, (who is his natural mother) and is older than Oedipus. The lifestyle during Greek times, assume that the man must be older than the lady because he may have more activities and can give the along with his partner. Today's world, still believe that an older person should marry a youthful woman, although not for an old woman to marry a younger gentleman...



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