Computer-aided Design and Pro/engineer


The term CAD/CAM means Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Production. CAD is described as the use of software to design a component or a item, modify it and also analyze the executive design. CAD has become well-liked as the use of the design software's helps in decrease product development costs and reduced design periods. CAM is described as the use of computer technology to make or prototype product elements with the help of computer numerical control (CNC).

Choice of a CAD/CAM system assists with doing the roles quickly using a greater accurate results and improves the quality of a job.


The Client can be described as small tooling manufacturer situated in Sheffield. The company of the Client is essentially the design, analysis and manufacture of tools to get the molding of plastic bottles (various designs and sizes). The Client obtains orders via around 20 or so regular clients throughout the year, many of which use Solidworks, Pro/engineer, AutoCAD, Intergraph NX or 3D IMAGES Studio Greatest extent.


To select a CAD/CAM system which is suitable for client details?

Pro/Engineer may be the standard in 3D item design, offering industry leading productivity tools that encourage best practices in design whilst ensuring complying with industry and company standards. Integrated, parametric, 3D IMAGES CAD/CAM/CAE solutions allow to create faster than in the past, while making the most of and quality to finally create excellent products. \


вњ“ Powerful, parametric style capabilities enable superior merchandise differentiation and manufacturability вњ“ Fully bundled applications let you develop from concept to manufacturing within just one application вњ“ Programmed propagation of design becomes all downstream deliverables allow to design with full confidence вњ“ Full virtual simulation capabilities enables to improve item performance and exceed merchandise quality desired goals вњ“ Computerized generation of associative tooling design and manufacturing gifts


вћў Does the software price consist of file translators?

In Pro/Engineer the software program price involves file translators. Few features of Pro/Engineer are explained which provides for translating Pro/Engineer data in compatible formats that can be used by simply other CAD systems. It always quickly tailors Preserve a Copy order to offer formats applicable just like 2D data for drawing mode and 3D data for part mode and assembly function. File translators are used to importance diagrams/parametric versions from other CAD software's. Document translators ought to be found out to get ACIS stable, Para sturdy, ASCII, CADL, DWG.


Fig: Preserve a copy discussion window

вћў What business types can it create, import, and foreign trade?

Import: Info from document

Pro/Engineer creates a one feature of all data known as an " import feature”. Import features may be redefined as necessary to adjust the data produced during the import process. When a model is definitely imported into assembly method, Pro/engineer makes a new element and produces as transfer feature in the new aspect.

Export: Conserve a Copy

To export model data, it uses the document and conserve a copy control, selects the applicable format type, stipulate a brand and set appropriate options important.

вћў Can it be easy to modify geometric entities?

Pro/Engineer are composed of parameters which include parametric measurements, extrude interesting depth and materials side. Guidelines such as these happen to be established during feature development. The characteristic parameters and also other feature meanings such as areas sketch and sketch planes can be altered later in the part building process.

вњ“ Dimension changes

Parametric dimensions are dimensions that are used to specify a feature. They may be modified without notice. Modifying a dimension benefit is the most common dimension modification function, although other...



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