Our prices

When it comes to counting the final price of your order, we consider three features of your paper: how hard it is, how fast it should be written and how many pages it has. More details about our prices you can get from reading our Pricing Policy section. In addition, our Support Personnel will be glad to provide you with the information on this question. You just need to stop hesitating and interact with them.

Of course, every student dreams of a cheap and highly-qualified writing firm, but it will be a real miracle if it happens in our world. In reality, cheap writing organizations aren’t worth your time and money because they have no idea what it means to satisfy students and their writing desires. In addition, some of them sell stolen texts to their customers. On the other hand, there is this writing firm that has not cheap, but quite affordable prices and, what is more important, write excellent texts. Remember that fruitful collaboration is possible only with a trustworthy and professional writing firm.

On our website, you can see prices in USD for 1 page of text. General parameters that we use for our papers are: Times New Roman style, double-spacing and 12pt font. However, it doesn’t mean that we don’t write papers with other parameters. As expected, you will see the other price for one page. For instance, to order a one-page paper with single spacing will cost you more, then to order a one-page paper with double-spacing.

European Union citizens should take into consideration the VAT tax that is always added automatically to the eventual price.