Guide on how to write a satire essay

This article has a goal to give you the basic information about one of the essay types called a satire essay. Pupils and students have to deal with many writing assignments during their studying. A satire essay is one of them. To find out how to write a satire essay can be beneficial for your education. However, if you don’t feel that it is what you need, you can just look through this article to get general understanding of this type of essay and get in touch with a professional writing organization. There are people who like to write different essays, dissertations and other academic papers. They will be glad to become your writing assistants.

General info on a satire essay

Before you begin to write you satire essay, you need to get to know a few important details about this type of essay work.

A satire essay is a type of academic paper that has a goal to make fun of a chosen topic. When you create a satire essay, you need to stick to facts, but you can provide your own opinion on the topic. Usually, satire essays are written about famous people, like celebrities and politicians, and famous events or traditions. Professors may assign you with these topics, if they want to develop your critical thinking and creative skills.

To create a successful satire essay, you need to remember about a few important components:

  • Exaggeration – it is allowed to exaggerate information;
  • Relevant information – something that is interesting nowadays;
  • Audience – pay attention to the desires of group of people you write for;
  • Fun and seriousness – your essay shouldn’t be too serious, but it also shouldn’t look like an anecdote;
  • Short sentences – it is better to use simple and short sentences for this type of essay.

Necessary literary devices

There are a few literary devices that will be very useful when creating your satire essay.

  • Hyperbole – an exaggeration of some fact or issue;
  • Irony – is a literary technique in which literal meaning of words is opposite to the meaning that is presented.
  • Understatement – a literary device that makes things and issues less important, than they are in reality. Opposite to the hyperbole.
  • Allusion – is a technique in which a person alludes indirectly or covertly to an object or event from an external context.
  • Oxymoron – a usage of contradictory words together.
  • Parody – a comical imitation of someone or something famous.

Satire essay writing steps

After you have read the information above, you are completely ready to begin to write you satire essay.

Process of choosing the topic

The first thing you should accomplish is choosing the topic. It is a very important part, because your topic should be interesting not only for you, but also for those, who will read your essay.

  • Write about current events;
  • Write about general important things;
  • Write about famous people (politicians, celebrities);
  • Write about tragic events (It is necessary to be very careful when choosing some tragic events for your essay. It is better to concentrate on those, who are responsible for them.);
  • Write about yourself, your friends and family.

There are a few topics that you need to be careful with, because they can be offensive to some people.

  • Religion;
  • Race;
  • Family background;
  • Health problems.

Satire essay structure

The structure of a satire essay consists of 5 paragraphs.

  • P.1 – Introduction of the problem in an ironic/comical way;
  • P.2 – Details of the problem, possible solutions in relation to some famous figure;
  • P.3 – Details of the problem, possible solutions in relation to facts and statistics;
  • P.4 – Details of the problem, emotional content, possible solutions;
  • P.5 – Conclusion with a real call to action. Do not use an irony or sarcasm.

All this information should help you understand how to write a satire essay. Yet, you don’t need to do everything on your own, there are people who can help you.