Guidebook on how to write a persuasive paper

Persuasive paper writing is one of the most popular and most complicated types of academic writing. If you get a task to create this paper, you need to accomplish a goal of convincing your audience about some focus or idea, usually the one that you are confident in. Generally, your persuasive paper can be written about anything. There is only one criterion when you write this paper – you should have your own point of view that you can prove by providing considerable evidence. This type of paper writing requires from you excellent writing skills that you may not have. If it is your problem, you have two possible options: study the necessary information and hire a professional writing organization. In this article, you will find enough data to learn how to write a persuasive paper. Yet, if you still feel that it isn’t yours, you need to turn to experts.

How to make your paper persuasive

There are certain things that can help you to make your paper not only interesting, but really persuasive.

Researchers and philosophers from Ancient times have been mastering the art of persuasion. It is possible to use some of their knowledge for creating this paper.

  • Repetition – when you repeat your thesis statement (restatement) in the text, it helps your readers to pay more attention to the problem. Repeat only those things that are vital in your paper.
  • Social meaning – use a few quotes to demonstrate that you aren’t the only one person, who has the same meaning.
  • Agitation of the issue – before you provide a solution to the problem, demonstrate how bad and harmful it is.

One more thing that is very helpful when creating a persuasive paper is the argumentation. People will gladly believe in:

  • Facts;
  • Real examples;
  • Opinion of the authoritative people.

If you can use all of these elements to prove that this problem is serious, your paper is doomed to be successful.

Style of writing

Style of your writing also matters. The persuasive paper is a serious academic work and you need to pay attention to this when creating it.

  • Short and logical sentences – do not jump from one point to another, you just need to stick to the point in every sentence.
  • Be authoritative – you should sound in your paper as a person, who is an expert in the question. Your readers won’t believe you, if you have any doubts.
  • Important topic – a topic that you choose, should be important and concern people. The discussion of this topic in your paper will force the readers to reevaluate it.

Writing process guideline

There are two basic elements when it comes to writing a persuasive paper: the topic and structure.

Consider the topic

When you need to choose a topic for your paper, you need to take into consideration a few things:

  • The text – you should make the text clear and well-supported with evidence;
  • The author – you need to provide your opinion relying on facts;
  • The reader – you should consider the readers’ attitudes and desires;
  • The purpose – when you write, every your sentence should serve your main purpose.

Consider the basic structure elements

The structure of the persuasive paper consists of three parts: introduction, main part and conclusion. The introduction consists of a couple of sentences. The most important sentence in this part is a thesis statement. It is your main argument and it should be short, logical and meaningful. In the main part, you need to provide your arguments and evidence that support them. Usually, this part consists of three paragraphs and every paragraph has its argument and a few evidence. The conclusion doesn’t provide any new information. It only restates the thesis statement or summarizes the main points.

This information must be enough to learn how to write a persuasive paper. However, if this writing assignment makes you feel bored, upset or irritated, you always can rely on the writing company that knows all your desires.