Frequently asked questions about service

How does your firm work?

To get info on how our writing firm works, please check the page “How it works”. You will also get the info on our features and simple guidebook.

How to buy a paper from your firm?

To place an order with our firm, you can take a couple of actions: find our order form and fill it in or interact with our Support Personnel via Mobile Phone, Electronic mail or Live Chat.

How to work with your order forms?

To work with our order forms is very simple, because you just need to answer a few questions about your desired paper. We need this to gather the necessary information to create a piece of writing of your dreams. At the first stage, you need to answer to a few general question in the short version of the form. At the second stage, you need to answer to the specific questions in the extended version of the order form.

In what case I can ask for a discount plan?

Customer’s budget will be pleasantly surprised with the prices that our firm has. Yet, will also like to give a treat for our clients in the form of discount plans. If you wonder whether you can get it or not, you need to interact with our Support Personnel before placing your order.

It is necessary to pass extra data for my personal writer, how can I accomplish this task?

Our writing firm allows its customers to interact directly with their writing personnel. You can do it simply by entering your account and uploading the files. Of course, there is one more possible way: you can contact with our Support Personnel via Mobile Phone, Electronic mail or Live Chat.

What if I need to use some particular source of data, will you do a favor for me?

Our firm’s main goal is client’s satisfaction. If for your contentment you need some specific article or book, we will do everything that depends on us to get it. We have a variety of possibilities to do this, but we are also aren’t omnipotent.

I am eager to know about the current condition of my order, what shall I do?

Detailed information on your order current condition is available to you on your personal dashboard or by interacting with our Support Personnel via Mobile Phone, Electronic mail or Live Chat.

Accomplishment of writing works

What actions should I perform, if I have complaints about my paper?

If our clients aren’t fully content with the quality of our writing services, they have a right to get a free revision. Yet, everything should be done according to rules that are provided in our Revision Policy section. Yet, you should know that it is possible to ask for a free revision of your paper, only if it is done not less than 5 days after you have got your piece of writing. In addition, you can demand from us to revise your paper only relying on your initial instructions.

Is there any chance to change something in my order instructions at the last minute?

All changes should be done according to the order that is described in our Revision Policy section. Everything else about this question you can find out from our Support Personnel.

I desire to get my paper! When can you send it?

During the process of filling in our order forms, you mention the time of the delivery and we will send you your paper exactly before the deadline. Don’t need to hesitate, just contact our Support Personnel and ask your questions about the current condition of your paper.

What is the process of my order receiving?

We use two methods to deliver orders: upload it to your account and send a copy to your electronic address.

What are the benefits of proofreading and editing assistance?

As our client, you also can utilize such services as proofreading and editing. Thanks to them, you can check your paper for mistakes with the help of highly-qualified editors. They will change the content, format and proofread your paper, if it is necessary.

Writing personnel information

Who is my writer?

We work only with highly-qualified ENL writing personnel. This means that your paper will be completed by the person with the deep knowledge of your subject and wide writing experience.

Are your writing personnel well-qualified?

Our writing personnel consist of veterans of academic writing, who have prestigious diplomas.

Can I communicate with your writing personnel during our work?

Our clients can interact with our writing personnel during writing process of their papers without any borders. In addition, your cooperation is supported by our Customer Service.

Payment transactions, plagiarism verification and policies of our writing firm

Do you pay your customers some compensation?

We protect our clients and can guarantee to pay you compensation, if there is any violation from the side of our firm.

What does your revision policy include?

Our Revision Policy includes a free revision of your papers within five full days, after the time you get them. Yet, it is possible only if you don’t demand to change your requirements.

Do you sell plagiarized papers?

No! Our firm is against stolen property. Moreover, we verify every paper, to be sure that you will get a unique piece of writing.

Will you protect my confidentiality?

Your confidential information is sacred for us. We will never let any to see it or to have it.

How you protect your customers’ payments?

We protect them by using the safest payment system in the world – PayPal