About us

We were ordinary students, who noticed the problem of low-quality academic writing provided by various writing organizations and decided to bring an idea of a high-quality writing firm into action. We knew that our online writing firm would be successful because we were students by ourselves and we knew what young people wait from cooperation with such organizations. In that period of time there were no alternatives for the writing firm that we created.

It is obvious that during the first years of our existence, we didn’t have big writing personnel and couldn’t boast of the number of academic disciplines that we worked with. However, we didn’t give up and could extend our firm and hire professional writing personnel. They are experts in approximately hundred spheres of study. In addition our writing personnel have prestigious diplomas of higher education and wide working experience in the writing sphere. Customers don’t hesitate and order a great variety of academic papers, starting from a simple creative essay and finishing with a complex dissertation. They know that these people are highly-qualified writers with excellent knowledge of the subject and relevant working experience. They have no complaints about their writing skills and deadlines. The word “deadline” means a lot to our writing personnel.

We have an aim to provide our precious clients with excellent writing service, so they were perfectly content. We improve not only the quality of papers, but also the quality of our delivery, customer support, revision, editing and proofreading, and other services that our firm provides. To gain this goal, we collaborate only with the experts, who are graduates from the range of successful college situated in English language countries: the United Kingdom, the United States, South Africa, Canada and Australia. We have no doubts about our writing personnel, because they could prove us how talented and knowledgeable they are by passing a few quite complicated assignments. Our writing personnel are proud of one thing – they are passionate about writing and always accomplish tasks with the flying colors.

If you are tired and suffer from mental exhaustion, you should consider the idea of hiring this writing firm as your partner in solving writing problems. We are not magicians, but we can offer you our writing help. If you accept it, you can have more time for you family and friends, your job and accomplishing those writing tasks that are vital for your bright future. We are your first aid, when you have an emergency and can’t cope with some writing problem.

Plagiarism is one more thing that drives our clients crazy. There are too many writing organizations that dare to sell academic papers with plagiarism. We have nothing in common with such companies. Our personnel always check papers for plagiarism and can send our customers a plagiarism report.

Personal information of our clients is also completely safe. We don’t let any third party to look at, read or use your personal data.

The slogan of our Support Personnel is “always available”. We work for you and want to support you anytime you may need our help.

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