College scholarship essay writing tips

Every year graduates from high schools have a chance to achieve some prestigious scholarships. A lot of them are very smart, active in social life and have many hobbies. They really deserve to become one of the luckiest people, who get the college scholarships. Yet, a lot of them fail. This happens, because these students do not understand the importance of all the elements of applying for a scholarship. A college scholarship essay is one of the most important factors that influences on getting it. You shouldn’t miss a chance to achieve this opportunity just because you don’t pay attention to such thing as essay writing. If you just aren’t sure that you are able to create this complicated paper well, you need to turn to the writing corporation that will write this essay for you.

What your essay should be

There a few factors that you should know about writing this essay. They will help you to succeed in this complicated task.

Before you start creating your paper you need to accomplish a couple of tasks:

  • Plan your time – start writing your paper at least a few days before the deadline, because writing in a rush never brings anything good.
  • Read instructions carefully – your essay can be brilliant, but if it isn’t written according to the requirements, you will lose.
  • Find out the interests of your audience – if the company, which offers you its scholarship, is related to a sport, you need to mention your sport achievements in the essay.
  • Brainstorming – to choose what to write about, you should write down all the possible ideas and pick the one that you think is the best.

When you have done with your pre-writing part, you can begin to create your college scholarship essay.

  • Create your topic – make it interesting and catching and choose the one that you care about;
  • Create an outline – if you want to write your essay faster, the outline will help;
  • Tell your personal story – it should introduce you and your best qualities;
  • Check your piece of writing – check it for mistakes, for how you follow the requirements and for how interesting it is.
  • Ask someone for help – you can ask your friends or some professional writers to proofread your paper.

Yet, except general information about writing this essay, there are a few secrets that will help to make your paper brilliant.

  • Surprise – try not to use clichés when writing your paper.
  • Be focused on your strengths – tell you audience about a few bright qualities that you have.
  • Don’t forget about the weaknesses – you need to mention a couple of weaknesses, but you should turn them into the story that shows your success.
  • Use examples – bright example will have a good impact on your paper.
  • Do not demand money – you shouldn’t say outright that you need money, but you can provide some example that will show that you need and deserve them.
  • Do not repeat your resume – try to use only the facts that aren’t written in your resume.

How your essay should look like

Except the content, it is also important to pay attention to the appearance of your essay.

Essay formatting

There is a standard format of this type of essay that you should follow, unless you get some other requirements.

  • Double-spacing;
  • Times New Roman style;
  • 12pt font;
  • One-inch margins;
  • 2-3 pages of text;

Essay structure

This type of essay has no difference in structure from other essay types, so you need to create your paper according to this structure:


  • The first sentence serves to grab the readers’ attention;
  • The next sentence serves to explain the opening;
  • The last sentence is your thesis statement;

Main part:

  • Every paragraph has its own point;
  • Every paragraph supports the thesis statement;


  • Explanation of how your experience is related to your audience and their beliefs;
  • Emphasizing of learned lessons;
  • Demonstration of your gratitude to the committee reading your paper.